3d modeler and animator for Ant lifecylce presentation.

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description


I am looking for a 3d artist that can build and animate a few models that explains the ants metamorphosis process. Our goal is to show the life cycle of an Ant in an animation that is around 40 to 60 frames long. The animation will be a combination of 3d animation and a 2d morph effects. A small knowledge of Adobe After effects is necessary.

You will need to be able to model and texture the 3 stages of the life cycle. We will provide a 3d model of an ant for the final stage.

Here is a photo example of the process.

This is a quick mock up we created.

1. Egg
2. Larva
3. Puppa
4. Puppa complete. Ant fully formed and colored about to stretch out
5. Stretch out animation of ant this would require basic animation skills
6. Ant in final complete form

If you are interested please reach out to us.