Computer Programmer


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced computer programmer to develop interactive science experiments. The purpose of the program will be to teach students about the scientific method in a step-wise fashion. The variables and data for the experiment will be a part of the program. Students will be asked to input written portions of the experiment as it progresses. Student choices will also be an integral part of each experiment. When an experiment has been completed the written parts of the experiment inputted by the student will be displayed along with the data from the computer program.

Initially we will develop this program for a single experiment. After the process has been refined we plan to use the same format to develop a series of experiments based on the same model.

This project must be completed within 5 months. This includes time for a graphic designer to add illustrations and for beta testing.

This is a temporary position based on an education grant. Please email a resume and links to or descriptions of any similar programs you have developed.

Skills: science