Craftbots Entertaiment - iOS App Development

Craftbots Entertaiment - iOS App Development


Job Description

The game will be like the popular game Flappy Bird however a little different.

Instead of a bird, you are a paper plane.

Every time you the screen once it goes up a little however if you hold the screen down, the the plane would go rapidly upwards as you finger act as a fan for the plane to gain height.

you have to fly through buildings and every time you go through a set of buildings, your score goes up by 10 points. Your high score is saved so you can try and beat it.

you can gain COINS if you go through hoops that come in your way. With the coins you can go to the menu when your game is over and purchase power ups. These power ups would be slow motion, break through one set of buildings and extra life to revive yourself when in game to carry on your current game.

please could you and your team (if you have one) make the art work. Could the main plane be a paper airplane and the background to be a clear blue sky with pixelated clouds. The buildings could also be pixelated. the hoops could you make yellow and good quality (not pixelated).

You can buy with real money (69p for 1000) we will discuss later the actual prices with you.

we will discuss the name of the app too later on with you.

the menu screen when you first boot up the app would have the 'play' button, the 'store' button and the last button would be 'about us' and that button would be about our company Craftbots.

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