Know sharing and learning organization

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Job Description

I need a freelancer to assist me complete a master thesis project and report.
Specifications and details
- I need one to assist me do a master thesis project and report.
I mean by thesis report is the final written file that would be submitting to my institute.
- The master thesis title:
[The impact of learning organization dimensions on knowledge sharing]
- I did the proposal, also I had submitted to my college and it is approved.
- Also; I wrote chapter 2 and chapter 3. These chapters are Theoretical Framework [2nd chapter] and literature review [chapter 3].
- I have the resources which were used in developing those chapters.
What I need exactly:
- Editing and proofreading of chapters; 2, 3, and 1.
chapters as above-mentioned, while chapter 1 will be based on the thesis proposal.
- Synthesis and developing the questionnaire which will be using to collect data from key-informants
- develop and write chapter 4; Research Methodology and statistical analysis
- develop chapter 5; results and discussions as well as recommendations and future work.
- Organizing the thesis from A - to- Z.
I mean table of contents, table of figures, list of tables, references list, appendix, abstract and acknowledgment.
- The thesis length is about 25,000 words [-/+ 4000 words]
- The thesis will be written in English Language.
- I will send a thesis to mimic it.
Please note that before you bid: i need daily update, and sharing with me your Email ID, and Sky-pe.
- Formatting guide lines will be submitting after we have a deal.
- It is fixed price and it is 40-60 days in length.