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Client Representative


Job Description

This is my first time recruiting on oDesk, but I've heard great things and I look forward to hearing from some great contractors!

The job is very straightforward and we only have one package. We sell a year of SEO/Google Page 1 service to local businesses in specific cities, with terms so good you don't even have to get their billing details on the phone. You close the sale, they sign the contract via fax and put the original in the mail, and we defer billing till we've already provided the service. Then we bill them and as soon as your deal funds, you get paid NEXT DAY!

We provide detailed leads for qualifying businesses in need of our services, and you make contact via phone and/or email. That's it. (e.g. You can call "Just to leave your number in case anybody wants to get back to you," and when they inevitably ask what it is you do, explain the details. As a sales pro your imagination can easily the myriad possibilities.) Reps have cleared 10 sales in a weekend sending the same email to 180 of the same leads we provide every contractor. Every lead is pre-qualified, with any bad leads being replaced. You never pay for leads, just show you can close them and my lead-hunters produce enough to keep you as busy as you want to be.

My requirements are that you be a fluent in English enough that prospects will assume you're located in America, and having a USA phone number would be a huge plus. If you have any experience or skill with email marketing it will also be a benefit to your chances of being selected. At the moment I only need 2 more reps, so contact me immediately if you're interested.

Every sale earns you $500 paid next day after it funds. If you get 4 or more sales in a week, you get a BONUS of $500 on the week. That means 4 sales a week makes you $10,000/month.