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I'm in search of a graphic designer that I can hire LONG TERM for my Clothing Company. The company is called Born A Legacy Apparel and will target the Urban crowd, Skaters, Hip Hop listeners and will eventually saturate the street wear industry as a whole.

I need someone with FLARE and CREATIVITY. Someone who can think outside of the box and really deliver on some sick designs. I'm not looking for just a "graphic designer". I'm looking for a creator. Someone who can take my ideas and go above and beyond my expectations while still properly conveying the company's message to its customers.

Please refer to this site so you can see the type of design work I am looking for:

I don't want copy this company exactly, but this is the level of work that is expected.

Please apply only if you have the right skill set. This company is going to be HUGE and I'm not going to hire just anybody. Experience with Tshirt Design is a HUGE plus and you will be considered more than the others

If you think you have the skills then please apply to this position. I'm open to paying a higher amount IF your skill matches my needs.

Thank you,


Skills: design