Expert Sales /Marketing Strategy/ Dedicated VA Expert


Job Description

We are looking for someone to become a long term member of our organization that is based on online marketing and sales. The initial Contract is a fixed rate trial of $10 dollars for 48 hours.

English level must be exceptional and the contractor must have all written work pre-approved by the client before submitting to the internet. Reports on tasks completed are required every other day.

Candidates must be prepared to explain in an interview how they are the best person for the job and what experience they have in being a VA for a client in the sales and e-commerce industry.

We are looking for someone as a sales, leads and internet marketing specialist. Must be able to post ads and promote a product through online purchasing system on website.

Applicants must explain their strategy for marketing and selling the most on the internet and/or through telemarketing skills in the interview. We will select our candidate on the marketing strategy that best suits our business model.

Contractor must keep track and monitor each ad and marketing campaign to measure the success of it. Ads and marketing strategy to be viewed and agreed upon with the client before being implemented.

Position will end up being a long term position if both parties are happy with the trial period. Trial period to be negotiated - 48 - 1 week trial period.

Bonuses will be awarded for sales and milestone achievements in addition to the fixed rate of the contract.

Be prepared to explain your marketing strategy for how to best promote and sell a product through e-commerce online marketing, telemarketing in the interview process. You are the Marketing Strategy Manager and therefore the candidate who has the best presentation on how to achieve optimal results will be awarded the position. Amount of hourly rate will increase as the contract continues.

Part of this position is to be a Dedicated Virtual Assistant. This means that the contractor must be available to work on the marketing strategy independently and be reachable in case the client needs additional tasks completed on short notice.
Please do not apply if you are not able to dedicate the time to the client as we are on a strict time limit. Telephone capabilities that are clear are mandatory as the contractor must communicate with the client on a daily basis and give reports every 48 hours.

If you feel that your skills and experience would make you the best VA for a e-commerce business owner than please apply for an interview. Thank you

Skills: marketing, english, communication-skills, management, virtual-assistant-skills