Create a program for photo-realistic interactive simulation


Job Description

Our company designs, manufactures and distributes machinery used in the mining, irrigation, gas, water supply and chemical industries.
We attend exhibitions all over the world, generally taking machinery with us that weighs between 500kg – 2,000kg.

The main machine which attends exhibitions is a larger machine, with quite basic functionality, with a single control panel mounted on the front of the unit.

Our plan is to take this control panel, a projector and a laptop to exhibitions in future, as opposed to the entire machine. We would project a realistic 3D animation of the machine, which can be controlled by the control panel, onto a screen. This gives our customers a chance to ‘use’ the machine, but not with the downside of actually transporting the unit all across the world.

All of the CAD models will be provided from Solidworks, and can be provided in a variety of formats depending on your needs.
There are 6 basic mechanisms that work independently, with some behaviours affected by other mechanisms.

The job we require you to do consists of creating a program which would create a photo-realistic interactive simulation, and be linked to and have all movements controlled by the control panel (which we will provide). The control panel will be mapped to a keyboard.

Can you please provide a quote for completion of this job, and the estimated amount of time (both hours and also time to completion).