Legal Consultant

Legal Consultant


Job Description

We're looking for a consultant with expertise in the entertainment industry to assist us in the all legal aspects with contracts, music royalties and trade marking for our record label based in Netherlands.

This job will entail:

1. Maintain and update artists contracts.

2. Handling copyrights.

3. Provide assistance on legal aspects with every deals and partnerships made by the record label.

The individual will need to be very flexible and able to be contacted in case of short legal advises.

This legal position requires the following:

1. Have a strong background in Entertainment Laws and some knowledge's of the music industry.

2. Must have perfect understanding of the U.S laws.

3. Knowledges of music royalties and copyrights laws.

3. Be available for a minimum of 2-3 hours per day, Monday - Friday.

References from previous collaborations is required for this position.