URGENT: Copywriter - Sales, Marketing & Web Site Copy

URGENT: Copywriter - Sales, Marketing & Web Site Copy


Job Description

Compelling copywriter needed for writing sales and marketing copy for our website.

Copywriter will be responsible for taking my rough attempts at copy, polishing and shining them into words that whistle a tune that motivates the readers to take wthat ever the the desired call to action is.

In addition, where appropriate you would conduct interviews with me and utilise the audio recordings to assist you in creating copy that sells.

I’d estimate there to be 5 hours to 7 hours per week over the next month and then various projects after this.

An understanding of the business to business market, insights into the fears, frustrations and desires of this market along with promoting and selling professional business learning and coaching type solutions are an advantage.

Preference given to applicants who can provide examples and demonstrate successful history for professional sales copy writing.