Senior Web Developer


Job Description

Title of Job Post: Senior Web Developers Position
Company: Viss Media Inc.
Location: Address: 945 McKinney Street, Suite 514
City: Houston | State: Texas | Postal Code: 77002-6308 | Country: United States
Apply to:
Job Type: Online Job Position
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday
Work Shift: Day & Night Shifts Available
Week-end: Saturday & Sunday Shifts Available
Holidays: Earn Holiday Bonus Wages/Pay
Job Position: Senior Web Developers Position
Reference Code: 01232013-01
Required Programming Skills: WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX , HTML, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, SOAP, XHTML, CSS, HTML5
Experience developing web, mobile & desktop applications as well as developing and consuming web services.
Database Servers: MySQL Server – Database creation, connection, and management…
Content Management Systems – Implementation and customization CMS experience (WordPress, OrangeHRM, SugarCRM),
As you can see we are looking for an unusual mix of creative and programming talent. If you think you are up to the challenge, submit your resume today.
Please make sure your resumes include URL’s of previous work.
Company Benefits Include:
100% Work at Home
Paid Internet Service (1.5 mbps)
Performance Bonus Pay
Attendance Bonus Pay
Paid vacation
Contemporary work environment
The ability to challenge your senses everyday and develop solutions that others say just aren’t possible.
Skills & Requirements:
WordPress, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX , HTML, XML, DHTML, JavaScript, SOAP, XHTML, CSS, HTML5
To be considered for this position you will need to download and familiarize yourself with the list of following software application & tools:
Payment Detail:
1. Payments are schedule bi-weekly. All daily assignment must meet approval and acceptance to receive full credit for daily wages.
2. You must have a PayPal account.
Please provide us with the email address linked to your PayPal account.
3. All payments are issued via PayPal.
Application Process: Procedures you must complete to be considered for an interview.
Step 1: Submit your Resume to our Human Resource Department | email address: .
Step 2: Send an email to: using the Subject line: Senior Web Developers Position followed by the Reference Code: 01222013-07]. Include a message as to why we should consider you for employment.
Step 3: Add the following Skype users to your account
User 1: eden.basmayor
User 2: wifilinx
Step 4: Payment Information: Provide us with the email associated to your PayPal account on your resume document as well and in the email you will send as instructed in “Step 2.” Our Accounting Department needs this information in order to issue out payments to you.
*** Please be sure to email your resume to: ***

Skills: paypal, benefits, management, dhtml