Migrate complex email/calendar from Thunderbird to sync multi-user Outlook.

Migrate complex email/calendar from Thunderbird to sync multi-user Outlook.


Job Description

I am currently using PC based Thunderbird with lightning calendar for many years. I am used to many customizations and operate almost 30 individual mailboxes. I need to migrate this setup into outlook, and duplicate as much functionality as possible, in order to sync all my accounts across multiple windows 7 devices, and several accounts to more than one user, including Mac user. I would also like to sync several accounts in android. Mac user would like to sync 3 accounts in iphone.

Important: I am accustomed to completely separate mailboxes in Thunderbird, each with their own separate inbox, folder structure, and account policies. I need to replicate this layout in Outlook.

Also need to sync OneNote and tasks.

I need guidance on backing up all data files in this setup, including detailed locations.

Main setup will be on server workstation running Win Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, and all users will sync from there.

I have access to MS office 2010 and 2013, but I prefer the interface in 2010 if it has all needed capabilities. (Actually I liked 2007 best of all, but it probably does not have needed capability)

I am open to considering office 365, and would like to discuss possible benefits, but I resist moving to cloud based system & monthly fees.

Please be fully skype capable for voice interview, and include your skype ID in your application. This is important.

Applicant qualifications: (please do not apply unless you fully conform to ALL)

Must speak English fluently, without heavy accent.
Must have strong experience with Outlook AND Thunderbird. No exceptions.
Must be very familiar with Outlook client different versions including 365 for feature comparison.
Must have strong experience syncing calendar, OneNote, & tasks.
Must be very familiar with Lightning calendar, and have completed successful migration into Outlook calendar.
Must be familiar with failsafe backup procedures, and data file locations.

Team Viewer preferred for screen sharing, but not required if good alternate is available.

I look forward to reviewing your application.

Thank you,

David Gordon