Home Remodel Design / Floor Plan Sketch

Home Remodel Design / Floor Plan Sketch


Job Description

I am in need of interior design and floor plans for a home remodel. I am specifically concerned with areas “1” and “2” marked on the attachment. The areas marked with a number and “x” are not going to re-designed at this time.

I have labeled them below so you understand there function.

The designer who is chosen for the project will be provided with pictures of the current layout and furniture which must be incorporated into the design (sentimental value crap).

Currently the list of Furniture Required:
1 Kitchen Hutch, Apprx: 65W” x 36D” x 72h”
1 Dining Table, 28W” x 42D”, two folding leafs of 19” each, kept stored down.
1 Cedar Chest 47L” x 18W” x 24H”
I have marked utility connections with a letter, described below.
Room 1: This space currently serves as kitchen, living and dining area. The kitchen sink plumbing is marked as “A”. The current stove wiring is located at “B”. I do not intend to move the plumbing. I am open to moving electrical, but the designer should keep in mind electrical is fed from the attic, so any detached islands with electric will need some connection to the celling.
The ideal design will be an open concept which combines the living space and kitchen. It will include the placement of a TV and adequate seating for 5. The design must include placement of the dining table and hutch. A door opening to area “3x” must also be considered.

Room 2: This space is the master bedroom / bathroom. C is the current sink plumbing, D is the current toilet location, E is the current shower mixer location. The wall drawn next to mark “C” may be moved and currently spans the entire length to the other wall. I am willing to consider moving plumbing in this area if the design can be much improved.

The ideal design will include furniture placement to include wall mounted TV. Incorporation of the cedar chest. And incorporating a bathroom and closet into the design.
Room 3x will be an office
Room 4x is a bedroom
Room 5x is a bathroom
Room 6x is a garage
M1 = 13’ 4”
M2 = 8’ 8”
M3 = 22’ 2”
M4 = 24’ 2”

Open Attachment