Advertising BaiDu China campaign/ Chinese require!!

Advertising BaiDu China campaign/ Chinese require!!


Job Description

The online marketing manager will be responsible for all marketing channels in the Chinese market (Mandarin) according to the company’s marketing strategy.
1. Managing all search campaigns via Baidu and Adwords including:
• Perform daily account management & monitoring of bids, budgets and other performance metrics
• 管理日常账户,并监控广告竞标,预算以及其他性能指标
• Generate periodic reporting for all major metrics and goals
• 定期生成所有主要指标和目标的报告
• Perform ongoing analysis and optimization of campaigns
• 不断地对广告活动进行分析和优化
• Create new campaigns, ad groups, and accounts
• 创建新的广告活动,广告群组和帐户
• Manage budgets within caps
• 管理广告预算不超出上限

2. Media buying:
• Identify online media buying opportunities and negotiate tests to determine profitability of online campaigns.
• Negotiate, develop, monitor and manage delivery of booked campaigns on CPL, CPC and CPM models.
谈判,发展,监控和管理CPL, CPC and CPM 模式的预定广告的发送。
• Manage vendor relationships.
• 管理与广告商的关系。
3. Managing Chinese Social Networks campaigns, creating social communities and maintaining brand social awareness.

• Min 1 year experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Paid Search (PPC) campaigns.
• 在搜索引擎营销(SEM)和付费搜索(PPC)的广告营销活动方面有1年以上经验。
• Experience in managing high budget (min $100,000) campaigns via Adwords and Baidu search platforms.
• 在管理通过百度和Adwords搜索平台的高预算(至少10万美元)广告营销活动方面有一定经验。
• Experience with measuring performance of direct and online marketing campaigns via ad serving and optimization platforms.
• 在通过广告服务和优化平台来检测线上和线下市场营销活动方面有一定经验。
• Experience with interactive media buying including: email marketing, banner advertising, affiliate programs and website promotions is an advantage
• 在互动媒体购买方便有一定的经验,包括:电子邮件市场推广,网站板块广告,加盟项目和网页推广有经验者优先。
• Profound knowledge of MS Excel
• 熟练使用MS Excel。
• High Level English and Mandarin, written and spoken
• 中英文书面和口语能力较强。
• Experience in managing Display Network campaigns as well as Search campaigns
• 在管理显示网络广告营销活动和搜索广告营销活动方面有经验。
• Experience with Chinese social Networks.
• 中文社交网络有经验
• Passion for Search and online marketing.
• 在搜索和线上市场营销的工作有一定热情
• Attention to details
• 注重细心
• Excellent organizational and time management skills
• 较强的组织和时间管理能力
• Strong analytical skills
• 较强分析能力
• Self-starter and fast learner
• 具有快速学习能力并主动开始工作
• Ability to work autonomously as well as part of a team
• 具有独立工作能力和团队合作精神
• Goal Oriented
• 目标明确
• Creative person and multitasking skills.
• 具有创造力并能同时承担多项任务
• High level of personal integrity
• 较高的个人诚信
• Self-motivated
• 自我激励

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