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Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

joint channel and impulse noise estimation using compressive sensing for power line communication with adaptive guard interval length.
The project will be performed in matlab environment. I will design a communication system. The system will use OFDM modulation scheme at transmitter side, where each subcarrier in OFDM will be BPSK modulated. After the transmitter a powerline channel (narrow band) will be used, impulse noise is also added to the transmitted signal along with colored guassian noise. at receiver side, channel estimation and equalization will be performed. my task is to perform channel and impulse noise estimation using compressive sensing (using spgl1 algorithm) and compare the results with conventional channel estimation techniques like LS, MMSE etc on the basis of their bit error rates. also I have to make the guard interval length in ofdm adaptive and each time after doing the channel estimation, feed the information back to the transmitter to adjust the guard interval length to the changing channel conditions (i.e. if channel impulse response is larger as compared to guard interval length then increase the guard interval length and vice versa). the estimated noise will be subtracted from the received signal. the resulting responses will be plotted in the form, bit error rate Vs received signal to noise ratio.