Manage sales enquiries


Job Description

We are looking for people that can offer telephone/online sales support for a new website CMS System.

The system is easy to use for the non techie, it is flexible, with all common business website functions and security included. It also comes with a secure member area, chat rooms, a shopping cart, and mobile friendly.

We need people to manage the sales process using both phone discussion and online demonstration from the initial enquiry through to the order

We are looking for people with good English that can understand questions asked by people without any technical background. Identify their needs, their problems then show them the solution using our system and the benefits to them of using us.
We will require you to show them an example website using equivalent sites already using our CMS system. Then we will require you to provide a quick online demonstration of the specific parts of our CMS that relates to the clients enquiry and how it is managed using a screen share demonstration.
Then communicate the benefits of using our system to solve there needs. Answer any objections, take them to the sales page, re visit their needs, reconfirm the benefits to them, then take the order or put them on a call back list to follow up later if they need more time. Agree a time to follow them up.
You will then need to followup with the customer, answer any further objections, take them to the sales page, re visit their needs, reconfirm the benefits to them, then take the order.

When an order is taken we will take over and follow up with the customer. Part of what we do for the customer is their initial design to get their site live. Then we give it to the owner to manage the site from there.

We have found that the typical new website owner quickly understands the system and after some initial guidance we seldom hear from them again

We want to hear from any one that feels they can offer a sales service understands how websites work and prepared to learn a new website CMS system.
Our current market is the UK small business sector

The sales person we are looking for will need to have a good command of UK English, Both in listening and understanding, as well as responding to the customer. We are also looking for people that are keen to learn a new website CMS system. We would also be interested to hear from some one that may wish to start a long term sales support service for us.
It will be slow at first although we expect sales to grow each month. Our start up projections suggest a support requirement of 10 hrs per week for the first month then growing well beyond this as more clients come online.

Training will be provided on our sales process and our website CMS system.

Looking forward to hearing from interested people