Job Description


We are a medical provider that offers a variety of medical & overall life enhancing products and services.

We are looking for someone to take our current design and content - and enhance the way we are doing it.

This is a graphically focussed position = NOT a developer role. You will have access to a dedicated WEB DEVELOPER and a secondary SEO On Page & Off Page Strategist.

Our company is Great Massages. We are not a day spa or relaxation centre - we are more similar to a doctor than a normal massage clinic - however we don't want the look & feel to be clinical and cold.

EG. We are looking for a website that says:
1. You have reached the "HOME OF A GREAT MASSAGE"
2. We can help you free your body of aches and pain
3. We can also help you soothe away the minds worries and stresses
4. When you have a massage with Great Massages each and every treatment is tailored & personalised, we don't massage based on a routine.
5. We only employ the best of the best massage therapists who have the qualifications, experience and clearances to ensure your body or mind can become free
6. The common colour codes for massage websites are lots of green/nature - lots of browns meaning the earth, and purple meaning luxury. THESE ARE NOT WHAT I AM WANTING. For me - use of white = purity and also sends the clinical & technical approach we take. Blue DARK - says I can be trusted. MID BLUE says soothing and trust worthy - a lighter green says - fresh and uplifting.
7. I am looking for a heavy prominise of the Book a massage now feature.
8. We will be using a wordpress theme - the one we will be using will be
Main Demo Site = Front Page Version 2 = http://demo.gt3themes.com/wordpress_themes/yellowproject/home-layout-2/
Working Example = http://prpforhairloss.com.au/

9. Initially I am wanting you to utilise the logo we have recently redesigned which is similar to the great directions one at www.prpforhairloss.com.au but the DIRECTIONS is replaced with MASSAGES

10 you will have access to 50-60 stock images that are powerful & promote the HOW A MASSAGE HELPS YOU reaction in the models face.

11.You are going to maximise the power & smarts in the layerslider or revolutionary slider to create a SEXY & GRAPHICALLY BRILLIANT slider for www.greatmassages.com.au which represents all australian locations, we are also building greatmassagesydney.com.au which will still feature on the website of greatmassages site - and look very similiar but the slider needs to be some what representative of SYDNEY

You need to design 5 x layer sliders for each website
- greatmassages.com.au - covering sydney (we have a clinic), perth & melbourne - we offer mobile in-home massage where we travel to them for Perth & Melbourne
- greatmassagesydney.com.au - only promoting sydney's clinic

so 10 layers in total (5 for each site) and I am ok for some to be slightly similar too. as consistant messaging is important for me & our business strategy.

We are willing to pay up to $400 for this project - but your work must be brilliant!
........... please note we have another 14 sites to do - meaning if you are brilliant you could have 14-18 weeks of permanent work.

Payment will be as follows:
0% upfront
25% for concept / ideas approved
50% for first 5 sliders
25% upon completion & approval of all 10 sliders.

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