Job Description

We are looking for a sharp intelligent admin assistant apprentice to learn things they may not know about running a business online so you can help our company.

You will learn things like SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, etc.

This is an ongoing part time position, around 1-2 hours of paid work per day (more as you grow). Training will be done on your own time, but you are getting a free education, as we provide all training material.

You MUST have the following:

1. Excellent command of the English language. All foreigners think they understand English, but they usually don't. If you aren't fluent in English, please don't respond.

Also, we expect you to be way more intelligent than your average person in your country if you are in the Philippines, India, Pakistan, (even in the US), etc. And, you MUST have common sense & be able to think for yourself.

2. You have done at least some admin type work & you know a fair amount about the Internet even if it's just from a consumer's point of view.

3. You are able to learn via instruction files & ask around online to get the answers you need to put two & two together & come up with four.

4. You are a hard worker, responsible, & you respect your boss. You have no problem abiding by a company's policies & procedures as you know this is no different than working for a brick & mortar.

5. You are able to speak up & say what's on your mind. You are never the type to run away from a job & if there is a problem, you communicate it maturely.

6. You like learning, it's a joy for you.

Please give us the following:

1. What kind of admin or online work you have done in the past.

2. Have you ever trained yourself on a skill set & if yes, what was it & how did you learn that skill set?

3. Why do you feel you have the personality we described above?

Thank you

Skills: Administrative, Support, Business, Administration, SEO, administration