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Thank you to all the applicatants that have responded.
The boss has decided to not to use an outsourcer.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Hi, we are an automotive company in Australia and we are creating a new website using the Magento Platform.

We require a Magento specialist (Magento certified developer a bonus) to help us develop the site to our needs.

Our site will be using Magento Community Edition ver 1.7.02
We will be using the multistore option to cater for local customers (Australia/New Zealand), North American customers (U.S.A./Canada), Europe (U.K.) and Middle East (UAE)

Aust/N.Z. customers will shop via the domain, while all international customers will shop via our .com domain.

There are multiple parts to this project.
1) Shipping/Freight Calculator Extension
2) Modification of Product database and product input (backend) to accommodate above freight extension.
3) Custom Menu System
4) Tax Rules to suit Australian GST and be displayed correctly in the checkout and invoices.
5) Integration of our custom template designs into Magento.(When ready)

Freight Extension with product input update:
The job entails developing a freight calculator extension which communicates with 3 courier/postal providers systems and provides our customers with an exact shipping quote. (Couriers are: Australia Post, TNT, DHL Express)

With Australia Post, you will have access to their API.
With DHL, you will have access to their XML PI tool kit with support from DHL.
With TNT, you will have access to XML documentation, but there is only basic email support.

In order for this extension to be successful, modification to the backend product input needs to be modified as well to allow for product dimensions. 1-4 boxes per product item.

Menu system:
We have a storyboard prepared to show our desired menu functionality.

Setup and coding of appropriate Tax Rules to meet Australian Tax Office requirements. This means showing tax payable for Australian Customers, both at checkout and on their invoices.

Template integration:
To be discussed. We have a designer to create psd, and perhaps require you to convert the psd to a Magento template. (This item is optional as we can get others to do it.)

After the above have been completed we will look into discussing another project with you implementing the following:
1) Currency conversion (automated some how)
2) GEO-IP/Country selection redirect (multiple store option)
3) Customized Checkout. Country options based on store they are on and then IP address.
4) Misc modifications (for any unforeseen requirements that may have been overlooked)

Our expectations are that the developer which works with us has
- at least 2 years development experience with Magento
- preferrably, has Magento
- Not negotiable - sign off an IP Licence Agreement (to work with DHL Express (Australia))
- Reliable. We expect you to see the project through to completion in the agreed upon time frame.
- Be able to follow instructions correctly.
- Accept payment via paypal in U.S. Dollars.
- Use HipChat for communication. Great to reference and search each others communication.
- to provide good documentation for our code.
- To communicate with us frequently. Ask further questions for clarification and gives us regular updates of progress.

Time Frame: This depends on your ability, but we anticipate there is between 3-6 weeks of equivilent full time work.
You can work Full-time or Part-time. (To be agreed upon before work commences)

While we understand that the better and more skilled developers have a busy schedule, we are happy to wait several weeks for the right developer before they can commence our project.

If you need any further clarification, please ask.

We look forward to working with you.