Need a site on the lines of Facebook.

Need a site on the lines of Facebook.


Job Description

I need a site on the lines of Facebook.

This is what I need more or less, will let you know full details when you show your interest in the job and if I find you are fit to do this job…
• Site should be built around the lines of Facebook

• Site should have the main page log in as follows – with email address and phone number and password

• On home page of site, there should be photo changes taking place every 15 seconds, of people and posts on the site

• After logging on, on the right side of the site, there should be a column showing latest updates of who has posted what on the site

• Site must be fully set up and functional

• You need to tell me what I need to purchase to set up the site

• You will be paid only on successful completion of this job

• If I like the work, I will give you glowing feedback

• Upon successful completion of this project, I will pay you $100

• I have many other projects

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and regards