translating fiction book from russian to english


Job Description

I need NATIVE AMERICAN/UK* speaker to translate humorous fiction book from russian to english.

It is written in (practically) spoken russian language, and should keep that style in english as well.

I need to see your writing style before we even start discussion, so send the application in following form:

first line of application - url of your blor or 'none'
second line - your rate per page (1800 symbols w/spaces) (whole book is ~240 pages, 66000 words, 480000 symbols)
third line - url of your best essay/posting/whatever or place word 'attach' and attach TXT format file to the message.

Then put application itself/cover letter/etc in the message.

You should have good background in Christianity and Bible (as book quotes it a lot). You should be sceptical - as book makes fun of Bible sometimes, and you should be fine with that.

If you are fun of "What the Tortoise Said to Achilles" ( or GEB - you are most probably into this as well, through it requires no knowledge of mathematics, but similat sense of humor :)

* I state native american/uk - because book makes some references to nowadays _russian_ reality and you should know some equivalent concepts/shows/authors/ads in american/uk society, if you live in Australia/NZ/any part of the word, but know modern american culture references well - you are welcome too ;)

PS. And you should be good, I mean f-ing good at writing, yep :)
PPS. Of course I can help you understanding the nuances of original text if necessary, but you still need to translate them to known english-world concepts.

Skills: english