Joomla Upgrade

Joomla Upgrade


Job Description

Dear Candidate Consultant:
I am revising my original Post to be more specific on what we need done:

1. Currently we get a Browser message deterring visitors to the site, by warning them about security risks in the site, which per my investigations with the current host provider has to do with using an old version of Joomla. Therefore step 1 will be to upgrade to the latest version of Joomla and eliminate the browsers messages that were caused by form filling worms that per my understanding were removed. I was told the upgrade will address this issue.
2. Upon completion of the successful Joomla upgrade, the individual has to take the necessary actions in making the browser security warnings go away (i.e. contacting Google etc)

3. Once we have a fully functioning upgraded website, we need some minor modifications as follows:
1. Delete some (2-10) menu items, we have too many that are unnecessary
2. Get the Calculator module to display and function properly. This is simply a link address issue. The correct code is there.
3. Replace current Rate sheet template with a cleaner/simpler version

4. We need some minimal SEO functionality set up, to where site sub-menus are shown when searched say in Google or other search engine.

Finally, if we were satisfied with the work and the cost involved, the individual may be retained to optimize the site with some ongoing marketing activity

We would like to know the number of hours needed to complete the above and maybe a fixed quote. Please visit the site: to educate on what is there and what needs to be done and email us with your quote

Thank You for your interest