Translator: English to Portuguese

Translator: English to Portuguese


Job Description

Exciting Internet job!!! Translate videos from English to Portuguese on the Internet.

The English captioning has been done. You'll work on the Internet and translate those captions to Portuguese. We'll teach you a bit about captioning, so your captions will flow and be easily readable.

YOUR GRAMMAR MUST BE PERFECT! Thousands of people are going to watch these videos READING YOUR CAPTIONS! So they have to be perfect, perfect, perfect!

Can you do that? Each video is about an hour. We want you to finish at least 1 video a day. We will be checking each other's work, so you'll probably translate a video and proof a video each day.

You work at home on your own computer and bill us every 2 weeks. If the work isn't perfect we won't send you any more, we have a reputation to uphold.

Skills: video, grammar, english

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