UI Design of Photo Booth Screens

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Job Description

Need UI designs of a windows photo booth application. See attached wireframe screens.

1a. Start Screen - shows when a person first starts. Should be a very simple splash screen with one button to start.

1b. Alternative Start Screen if booth is in Green Screen mode. Allows user to pick a background, then start.

2. Take Photos - Walks user through taking 4 photos, displays each photo as it's
taken. Should display Indicator of current photo that's getting taken. Should add empty photo placeholders that get filled as photos get taken

3. Final Display of Print - Displays final print to user and pops up and prominently feature print/email/sharing buttons.

Would love to see some concepts if possible to help make decision.

Here's are some examples but I need it an original concept/design.

Similar Software:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTn6m4kaFzE only up until 00:30.

Open Attachment