Google+ hangouts application development

Google+ hangouts application development


Job Description

Our project is a social destination for every sports fan. Our mission is to create a social platform where fans can connect with each other and share the highs and lows of a game live with each other. We use the term "swarm" to define any chat (usually video) that allows users to directly communicate with each other during a game.

There are 4 different distinct types of swarms:
• Team Swarm – This is for like minded fans to all cheer each other on. Ideally this is suitable for 8 people.
• VS Swarm – This is to pit fans of each team against each other. Ideally this would be a 4 on 4 environment.
• Fantasy Swarm – This is to put players of fantasy sports in one place to taunt each other at will. Ideally this would be suitable for 8 people.
• Buddy Swarm – This is for users to invite each other, friends, or family to a private swarm. Ideally this would be for 8 people.

We have a basic version of our website built on top of the Joomla 1.6 platform running on a standard LAMP server.

We plan on doing this in a series of phases for consumers:

Phase 1 – The ultimate second screen app

Our vision for this is to have a website and an app (android, iOS, and Windows Mobile) that that will allow users to create an account, link all of their social media accounts (Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook), allow them to schedule swarms, list their favorite sports and teams for info updates, and link their fantasy teams to their accounts.

Initially we want to harness the power and open nature of Google Plus's Hangouts feature. Essentially users will come to our website and sign up for an account on our system using their Google + credentials. The user can see a list of upcoming games and schedule a reminder request to be alerted when a swarm starts for that game and invite and friends. 10 minutes before a game starts a Google Hangouts request will be sent to the user via the system (our thought is to use Google's own calendar system to drive this) via Google + and email. The user can click on the hangout request link and be transported to the hangout. The hangout itself will be a standard hangout except the main screen will have the active person talking to the right and to the left will post the stats from the game pulling from Yahoo sports live box score and gamecast feature.

Essentially we are looking for a programmer to create a tech demo for us. We have our initial website built upon the Joomla 1.6 platform. We need someone with Google + Hangouts expertise to program our initial app for Google + and link that to the pre-existing website. This app needs to work using any standard computer and we really would like for it to be compatible with the current Google + app for iOS and Android.

For examples for a comparable app check out wither Aces Hangout or Mini Clip 8 Ball Pool in Google +'s app showcase.

Skills: twitter, facebook, games, yahoo