Electrical engineering task

Electrical engineering task


Job Description


We need someone who can design an electronics board with stepper motor control.

-The stepper motors will be controlled by Hbridges that we make using FETS or BJTs.
-The circuit need to have stall detection on the ground (detects a stall on any motor without knowing which)
-Integration with arduino is needed on the board.
-An additional fet with voltage divider will be used.

To be awarded this project, please recognize that we have a lot of experience with freelancers. If you want this project you must choose a budget and deadline based on your experiences that is reasonable.

If you can not meet the deadlines and milestones we set, we will be unable to pay you. This is because we would loose a lot of time and we have a deliverable with a hard deadline. Our ideal is 2-3 weeks for the design. You also must have experience with microcontrollers and stepper motors. You should understand electronics manufacturing and be able to produce Pick and place, gerber, and schematic files. If you understand these terms please start your application with the exact words "I Understand" or we can not review your applications.

Bonuses will be given to people who finish the project as required before the deadline

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