WordPress Ecommerce Customization

WordPress Ecommerce Customization


Job Description

I am building a website to sell trailers online. The trailers have a sales price and a deposit amount. I need a checkout system that will display both the sales price and the deposit amount and bill for the deposit amount at checkout.

The trailers also have options that if selected will affect both the purchase price and the deposit required. We will have two sets of options available to choose from. A shorter list which will be displayed on the product page and a master list displayed on its own page.

I am basically wanting to copy the functionality of this site: http://www.trailershowroom.com/7x14sal.htm y here is the master list of options: http://www.trailershowroom.com/master_enclosed_options.htm

I am building the site using the Weaver II Pro template for WordPress. If you are interested in this project please submit me your most competitive bid. There will likely be other PHP work at a latter time associated with this project.