Enter 6 months of transactions into QuickBooks

Enter 6 months of transactions into QuickBooks


Job Description


I have a very simple LLC, and also a personal account which I need 6 months of bank transactions added to register in my QuickBooks file

There will be many transactions which simply list "PayPal" as the merchant on bank charge, so I will need you to cross-reference my downloaded PayPal statements (there are other paypal charges which list what vendor paypal ran the transaction for so those wont be a problem)

The bank transactions will be in printed form and need to be manually entered

each month's bank statements has an average of 30 withdrawls, and an average of 6 deposits

***You must be able to output a company backup file which will open properly in Quickbooks 2012 Retail Edition

***** upon hire, I need this done within 7 days - you MUST be able to do it in this time period ******

Skills: paypal

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