3D exterior Architectural Model

3D exterior Architectural Model


Job Description

Open search of an individual who can create a visually stunning 3D high-resolution architectural exterior views. Freelancer needs a solid understanding of textures and lighting. Must be a great communicator (proficient in English). Speed, efficiency, and cost are factors.

*** Individual freelancers only. All companies or individuals representing a production team will not be considered.

Project Scope:

Occasionally my workload becomes overwhelming. In these situations, I need a skilled 3D modeler who creating stunning works of art. Most of the times I will produce a SketchUp Model and will need the freelancer to add texture, lighting, entourage, and additional model elements if needed. Sometimes, I may not have a model and may supply freelancer with only floor plans, elevations, site maps and other supportive documentation. I do not necessarily have a preference of what software or platform you use. I am more interested in the high-resolution images that you can produce in a limited amount of time. But you should have a product or plug-in that can import SketchUp models.

Preferred candidate (individual or company) should also have the following skills:

- Highly organized and great communicator (English).
- Fast turnaround. We work at the speed-of-business.
- Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and post-processing.
- Knowledge of animations is a plus.

At this time, I would like you to answer several questions for consideration -

1A.) What range (flat rate) do you charge for high-res 3D architectural renderings if given a sketchUp model to work from? (price per view)

For budgeting purposes, I always need a flat rate fee. Please factor in several revisions from client when pricing. I understand that these type of projects are very custom.... So a range is o.k. I will always ask for a formal estimate before beginning any project.

1B.) What range (flat rate) do you charge for high-res 3D architectural rendering if required to start a model from scratch - i.e. floor plans, elevations, etc.

2.) What is a typical turnaround time based on your schedule? If asked to turn around something in 4 days, is that possible?

3.) Please provide a maximum of 3 images of your best work. (any links to an animation are o.k.)

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. Thanks for your efforts.

Best Regards, Derek

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