Magento, I need a front-end developer with design experience and a backend developer who is hardcore for magento development.


Job Description

We want to use Magento and this design:

I need a front-end developer with design experience and
a backend developer who is hardcore for magento development.

Skills: magento, front end, back end, Web development, Web design.

We need a front-end developer with design experience and backend developer who is hardcore for magento development and designer. Someone who can help us put our webshop up with our domain and to install design of the webshop. We want to use Magento. We also want to install extensions, so you must also be able and make sure that extensions are in accordance with the design.

You may also have some css experience so you can adapt the design to our wishes.

It is important for us what we can upload videos to the web shop, blog etc. in different file formats: Both YouTube and FLV, MP4, etc.

Our focus is to sell our tests, treatment and products, making it easy for customers to find news, event, course, webinar and latest blog.

• We want the site to have: blog, shop, home page, about us, page where we have a lot of text and in the end of the page there is a big bottom where it say 'buy here' and the page go to the shop our, location, social media, so you can share and like, ect.
• Slideshow: we want it to be a video instead of picture at the first page, if you want you can press forward in the slide show and there will be other video/pictures with text in the front. I would like to have text in front of the video also.
• Sign up for our newsletter much be very evident. And we like it on every page.
• Search box - Being able to search for everything is important
• When responding to posts in the blog that it is linked with facebook.
• Menu color changes. So its not black but more gray.
• New Logo.
• That is normal pages where we write 'about us', 'treatment' ect Where we advertise about our courses and after the text that there is a big button that says “purchase here”.
• That we can easily put pictures and video on all sites.
• This page will be two pages are alike. and

We also want to erect well in google, you can help with that?
It is important for us that you can use our website on every mobil, ipad ect.
And payment upgrade.

I want to use this:

I need someone how can change the colors of the website that I like, for example. menu bar color turns gray instead of black. The placement of text on the pictures. The button I want on the regular pages are looking good and that there is a connection between all sides is important.

This page is too long, but I want something like this on the pages where I would like to sell our membership we offer to our customers

I have chosen a magento theme and then I would buy extensions of course. I have nothing bought. I need help to find the best extensions for my purposes.

I want two sites total alike.

I want the languages to be in Danish and English.

It's supplements, treatment and food we offer/sell.

cura-me - no it's what the website will be called, it must be a whole new website with shop, website and blog.

I would like to have in the bottom of the page updates from twitter, facebook and news from us and the blog, and latest event

On all sides it is important that you can share and like on social media.
and that you can subscribe to our newsletter, which I want running accordance with

I want to have a map of where we have our clinic.

I want almost all forms of payment, Visa, Paypal and Visa electron.

It is very important for me to range well in google.

And that the site works on mobile, ipad ect.

I also want the blog to be implementere with wordpress blog with magento.

I like the color and it quiet.

Is to long, but selling and the header i like. video

In the head with signing up for news letter

Is is important that people really what subscribe to a newsletter