Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant


Job Description


A Virtual Assistant needed to do task such as online research, hiring, document creation and other VA related tasks.

1) You will be managing job postings for positions that are needed for the company
2) Finding and interacting and with job candidates and assisting with interviewing process by pre-interviewing
3) You will set appointments for interviews as well as sales meetings and presentations
4) You will also be involved with other VA tasks
______________________________________________________________________________ QUALIFICATIONS

1) Ability to work well with others
2) Not afraid of making mistakes and willingness to learn from mistakes
3) Problem solver. Organizational skills are good to have.
4) Proactive in giving status and very fast to respond
5) Your hours must overlap with 8am to 10pm Mon-Fri Eastern Time Zone. For details checkout
6) Must be available on skype during those hours
7) Optional: Experience with hiring

Want a person who will do voice calls
________________________________________________________________________________ YOUR BENEFITS

1) We hire for LONG TERM.
2) Great team with friendly people
3) We help you succeed and learn new skills
4) Great environment to grow and develop skills
1. Give short explanation on why you think we should hire you instead of anyone else?
2. Qualifying question can be a way of flitting. Please also include an answer for this pre-interview question: If you had a chance to win $1,000,000 to hire the absolute best team of web developers, web designers, SEO Analysts, Business Analysts, Software Engineers and Project Managers within two days how would you do it? What are the steps you would take and how would you go about doing it?
3. All applications must include the keyword "pink panther"
4. Lower bids give you an advantage. Please Bid appropriately. Your bid rate may get you rejected. The lower the bid the better

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