Create an Amazing DVD Cover Design


Job Description

Can you design an inspiring DVD case? Can you make a DVD case look like it is worth $1,000,000! If so we would like you to design a case/cover for us.

We have a brand new product called 143 Business Secrets. It is a special 4 set of DVD's which will be sold worldwide. We would like you to design us an amazing / stunning case which looks inspiring, worth a lot of money and motivates our customers to want to open the case and start watching.

Our DVD's will be sold online so we need you to create a 3D virtual image of the case.

* Visually stunning
* Classy / high quality look and feel
* Suggest confidence
* Suggests success

Text To Appear on front Case / Cover:
143 Business Secrets

Make more money and more profits
Create A Success Business TODAY

Please note: You must provide examples of previous work