Android App Developer

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Job Description

We are looking for a programmer to develop a Java-based Android 4.0+ application that will communicate with our existing Web-based data management system, and which will replace phone-based data-logging devices now in use at customer sites.

The application is anticipated to require four to six Activities. Each Activity will collect a unique set of data, and cache that data in an on-device database, possibly using a centralized Content Provider. It will also require a Service that runs in the background, and monitors whether Internet connectivity is available. When connected, the Android Service will interact with our Web-based system via a RESTful Web Service, to validate and deliver all collected data to a central database. The application will initially be used on an Android tablet with a 7 inch screen, but it should be designed to be easily adaptable to other screen sizes, including mobile phones. The ability to port applications to iOS at a later date is a plus.

If interested, please respond with a cover letter describing your experience in building similar applications for Android, including a list or portfolio of applications you have completed.

We will provide a more in depth description of the application requirements to specific individuals once potential applicants are narrowed down.

Skills: android-sdk, android-development