Parse xml data to mySQL

Parse xml data to mySQL


Job Description

Need a programmer to do the following....

1) xml file with data is created locally by a custom program (this is complete).

2) need the data to be stored locally -- for local recall (not dependent on internet) -- mysql type database?

3) need the data to be uploaded online mySQL database in addition to #2

4) data changes frequently -- local and online mysql database need to update when timestamp change is detected. (xml file time stamp)

5) I believe the parsing will need to be done "locally" before uploading, due to multiple versions of the xml file will be being creating around the country... different locations - same name -- different data within the file.

6) program should be created in newest delphi xe3

7)data will eventually be recalled -- locally, website, and mobile applications.

8)example of the xml file is attached --


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