data collection


Job Description

(1) Collect the website URL of the firm and the investor relations page
(2) Retrieve the information of social networks the firm provides
(3) Search for a list of pieces of information announced (posted) through the firm’s own social network account in the past year (i.e., Sep.01.2012 to Aug.31.2013), please let me know if it is easier to go only through past three month (i.e., June 1, 2013~Aug. 31, 2013).
Details are given below. Please find a list of firms in the attached file.
(1) The first column is the name of the firm, the second column is the firm’s ticker symbol, the third column is the website URL (note that if the firm ask you to select a website based on geographical location, choose United States), the fourth column is the URL for the investor relations webpage. Two examples have been provided.
(2) Starting from the fifth column, I have included several possible social networks, if there are other social networks, please include them (note that we don’t include RSS Feed). If a firm has links to the social network, please insert 1 to the corresponding column; 0 otherwise. To identify this information, we check on the first page and the investor relations (IR) web page. For example, on the investor relations webpage from Abbott, Abbott has Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In this case, we put 1 to TwitterIR, FacebookIR and LinkedInIR, and 0 for GooglePlusIR, RedditIR, and YoutubeIR (i.e., this is the information based on the IR web page). We also collect the number of “likes” and the number of followers or the number of subscribers for each firm each social network in a separate column.

(4) For each of the social network a firm uses (we may need to skip LinkedIn due to the level of additional work), we search for the following keywords announced (posted) through the firm’s own social network account in the past year (i.e., Sep.01.2012 to Aug.31.2013):
a. Stock price
b. Dividend
c. Stock split
d. Earnings
e. Sales
f. Profit
g. Net Income
h. Annual report
i. Quarterly report
j. Earning announcement
k. Analyst forecast
l. Analyst
m. Webcast
n. Investor Relations
o. Corporate governance
p. Governance
q. Sustainability
r. CSR
s. Corporate social responsibility
We need to collect the postings with the above keywords (with time stamp and the poster and the number of viewers or “like” and number of comments or similar measures if available depending on the social network) for each firm and each social network. Then we count the number of times a certain keyword shows up for a given firm-social network. This can be in a separate CSV file but please keep the ticker symbol and the name of the social network for each observation for future data manipulation purposes.
For example,
Ticker SocialNetwor Keyword Posting Count Number of like Number of comment
XXX Facebook Stock price Pargraph1 50 1365 5763
XXX Facebook Stock price Pargraph2 50 1365 5763

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