constructional house challenger / planer / architect


Job Description

The Challange is to built a house (200m2 living space, 3 Appartements) with the least amount of worktime (of professionals) and material. Simple and stylish lines - best case in standard size of the materials (so we don't have to cut too much)
on the other hand - when we can implement waste (like tires or constructional timber pieces) to reduce the material costs - that would be great!
and when we can use mainly green materials - Wonderful!

I say, I will build a 200m2 house (without land) with less than 50000Euro (in Austria - everyone say thats impossible - I prove the converse)
Hope you will join the challange!

Straw bales (Walls, floor and roof insulation) , Size 36cm x 47cm x 80cm
Glass (Walls), like this
ESB Plates (Foor surface, like this walls (inside and outside))
timber for the construction (frame)


or a Tire Pire basement

ESB Plate

like this:

the floor should look like a natural ESB Plate

the walls and the ceiling with a thin white coloration - so you can see the structure of the ESB Plates. we can also play with some colores like this

Inside the house we can also use a whole tree / or two trees as a design accent like this,16592382,12205858.html
we can also use waste wood structural columns like on this site: in this video he explain how to build a straw bale house, how to implement glass into straw bale and some cool stuff about tire basements...
we have a very thin road to the ground so its not a good idea to prefabricate parts of the house - or to use to heavy / to large elements...

when you suggest it makes sence to use reinforced concrete for some parts - its also good. for me its important to find the smartest way to build. I'm also open to other materials if you have some in mind.

to design in google sketchup is important!

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