Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation

Marketing Strategies and Lead Generation


Job Description

Hello, I am looking for an expert in online marketing & lead generation. I have several online businesses and am also very experienced with online marketing .

I am looking for someone who can come up with marketing strategies to help me sell my products, and then have that person put those techniques into action.

If you are an expert in any form on marketing: email marketing, social media marketing, Youtube marketing, Craigslist Marketing, Banner Ads...any type, I want your help!

Like I mentioned, I have several online businesses so I'm sure we can put together a good marketing plan for at least one of my products/services.

When you apply, please let me know what type of marketing you are an expert with, and also let me know what kind of experience you have (if you can provide examples that is great).

I am looking to hire someone who can do this full-time and join our team!

Thank you.

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