Create 1 panel funny cartoons

Create 1 panel funny cartoons


Job Description

I have a hair and beauty blog and want to find someone who can create funny cartoons for it.

I would be looking for 2-3 a week.

Each cartoon should be a one panel cartoon in english covering topics such as:
- false eyelashes
- hair extensions
- facials
- peels
I can give you a list of topics, but I want someone with some imagination who can turn those into funny cartoons.

I got this idea from this website where a new cartoon is published each day and is I think funny. In my cartoon I want there to be the same characters in each one, there may be 3 or 4 characters that appear in them but not all at once.

This idea needs developing so I want someone who I can work with to develop it. I am not sure what the title for the series will be, but am thinking something like BE GLAM.

One cartoon idea I have is for false eyelashes where a girl is wearing them and they look like slugs on her eyes and there is a guy in the cartoon with the words: Did you find those slugs in the garden....

The idea is that the cartoons are hair and beauty related, funny and ideas that relate to people in that things can go wrong, maybe Bridget Jones style, but also some could give tips, eg the only way I can get my hair straight is to xxx.

I want them to be shared, so they need to be engaging and relate to different things that are going on in the world eg Christmas, Miley Cyrus naked on a wrecking ball etc.

Apply and give me links to similar things you have done and tell me 1 thing you can think of to develop this concept/range.

I have a tight budget, so can't afford to pay much per image, and that is how I would like to structure it once I find the right person so that I know what the costs will be - tell me in your application how long you think it will take to do 1.

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