Purchasing / Quotation software for Trading business

Purchasing / Quotation software for Trading business


Job Description

We are a trading business and for our day-to-day operation we require a desktop software application with following features:

- Enter Request For Quotation (RFQ) received from the customer into the program. Possibility to create articles groups. Pop up article description during entering the number code of article (search through articles already entered in database)
- On the the basis of customer Requisition create our own RFQ. Chose to which suppliers from our database we send our RFQ, choose which positions from RFQ are sent to which supplier (break original RQF into parts)
- Enter prices received from different suppliers for our RFQ into the programm. Analyse prices from different suppliers, make decision on the winning supplier (or break into number of order to different suppliers)
- On the basis of winning supplier price, make our quotation to the customer, with system automatically calculating profit with different formulas entered for each individual customer
- Track open quotations, send reminder to customers if they did not reply to our quotations within certain time
- Once customer places an order - programm should automatically allocate it to winning supplies that where choosen at quotation stage
- Create and print Purchase orders (PO) to suppliers
- Create and print Order confirmation (OC) to customers
- Create and print Proforma invoice (PI) based on offer/quotation for customer
- Keep truck of open orders, send reminder to suppliers if orders are overdue for completion
- Once orders are ready, create transportation documents (delivery receipts, bill of lading, airwaybill, customs invoices etc)
- Receive and enter details of the supplier invoices and payment terms
- Invoice the customer for the products ordered
- Invoice the customer for the transportation costs
- Keep track of all open outgoing and incoming invoices. Send reminders for invoices that are overdue
- Make calculation of the profitability of the whole business / profitability of each individual customer
- Put suppliers and customers into groups
- Keep history of ALL prices received from suppliers in QUOTATIONS (even if this supplier was not chosen as winning supplier) and of all prices quoted to customers (even if customer did not order from us)
- Product database search by articel number or description
- Possibility to choose on which letterhead (from those stored in database) each document is printed
- Analyses tools (graphs, etc)
- Possibility to export certain data to Excel files
- Make calculations of commission paid to customers / agents using individual formulas
- Customers should be devided into subgroups,1 mother company having as many as 100 branches (i.e. customer McDonalds, Restaurant Nr. 1, Nr. 2, Nr. 3 etc)

Budget is for indication only. Please place your bids for this project. Winning would enter into contract obligations with our company and will sell us full copyrights for this software. Winning bidder would also be liable "finalize" the programm and get rid of all the "bugs" withing first 2 month of implementation + to provide full technical support on hourly bases thereafter (minimum for 5 years)