CS Cart Transfer and upgrade

CS Cart Transfer and upgrade


Job Description

Dear CS cart,
I am using Cs Cart 2.2.4. My website is electronicswarehouse.com.au. It also has a wordpress blog. I want transfer my site and blog to siteground and upgrade to CS cart V3 with a new template. I started to do it myself but have found it too hard and want to pay someone to do it. I have ordered hosting with siteground. I have transferred the database to siteground also with a wordpress blog.
What needs to be done now is the following.
1. Upgrade CS cart to version 3. This service has been paid for with siteground.
2. Install new crusty wear template from bugtreat which I will purchase

and put a new logo the same as the old logo on old website.

3.Create home page banner with images I supply. They may need extra photoshop work

4.Test everything is working.
5.Export version 2.2.4 database of orders that have been made in the last 4 weeks since the first database was transferred and import it into new version3 website.
5.test everything is working.
6. Point name servers to new website to make live
7. I will need to purchase new CS Cart license I think.

Can you please confirm this can be done and provide a quote to do the work.
I needed to do it this way my developers will not give me ftp, plesk or phpmyadmin accces we can only export data through admin panel.

I have been told that if I upgrade the transferred database on siteground to version 3 that it will be hard to import the last 4 weeks database from old version 2.2.4 to version 3. If this is the case we may have to start again and transfer the database again and close the current website until the new version 3 website goes live. I will leave that to developers advise.

Steven Kellett