Excel - Intermediate skills

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Job Description


Our client is a quick service restaurant concept that would like to have their various menu items categorized.

Object Challenge:

Our client is a franchisor and as a result had a lot of different franchisee’s that program their own Point of Sales systems. As a result, the naming convention and programming methods are not consistent.


We have broken up the data sources into over 200 different districts. Each district will have a set of product names along with the average retail price of the items

We will provide you with 10 districts at a time – and we believe each district will take no longer than 10 minutes to complete

We will also provide a master list that will tell you what menu item is being promoted in that district

--- That is the item that we need to find


1) find item to look up in Mast Item List Excel File

2) In Excel select a cell…then select the Data tab…the ‘Filter’

3) Then on the drop down arrow located in row 1 you will see an option for ‘Text Filters’ …select and then you can filter the items by searching for the name…or mostly a subset of the text

4) for example…if I’m looking for an item called ‘RIP’ N’ I might search for items the following ways in the ‘Text Filter’

a) ‘RIP’

b) ‘RIPN’

c) ‘RIP ‘N’

d ) rpn

5) If you do not find the item(s) that is OK…please make a note in the ‘Overview’ sheet and just indicate you have not found the item – we will go back to the client and as for more clarification…and then you will get it back once we have more info.

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