RoR Developer Needed in the US


Job Description

We are a small startup looking for a Ruby On Rails developer to take over development of the website.

We have been developing now for just 2 weeks with a Project Manager in the US and a team in India - and the hours/corrections and issues are piling up. We're figuring that maybe using a local developer instead of one that is halfway around the world - might be best - and someone skilled enough to take over the project.

We're looking for someone full time but it's contract work. The scope of the project looks like it could go for 3-6 months.

Experience Required
Minimum 5 years developing Ruby on Rails applications.
Excellent JQuery skills.
Twitter Bootstrap, HTML, Hamil, MySQL, and Javascript experience and skills.
We need someone good at coding both front end and backend.
Prefer local but would consider anyone within 1 hour's drive of Los Angeles.

Programming/Technical Qualifications:
• Ruby On Rails
• Bootstrap
• Javascript
• jQuery
• Ajax

The majority of your work will be from home. You need to have your own equiptment.

Scope of the work:
The site is being developed in Balsamiq and Mockups are ongoing. We will write user stories and provide you with the mockups and stories, you will code the site and use Bootstrap and HTML to design (based on our direction).
Currrently we are using Heroku, but we are open to other ideas.
We need someone reliable for 40 hours/week.
Don't think because we were developing offshore, that we're cheap. We are cheap, we're a startup, but we're privately funded with a good budget and we know the difference in hourly rates between India and Los Angeles.

Skills: twitter, design