Job Description

I need someone who can develop a high resolution iOS (7) application that's kind of a social-networking, kind of gps application.

I'm looking for someone who is very flexible. Someone who can work at home, or someone who is possibly willing to go to a place like Singapore to do the job, because that is where my business is going to be. I have all the designs and specifications for the app, all I really need is someone to make my visions come true.

Musts: Programing. Graphicdesign. Software.

An ideal freelancer for me is someone who I can communicate with. Someone who understands my visions and is willing to give a 100% to make them come true. For now I need someone who can work part-time. I will start my company in october in Singapore and i need someone I can always contact. So in the begging it will only be part-time, but as my company grows I am going to need someone full-time, so it would be great if that someone was already a person I have worked with before.

I think this job is for you if you're looking for a challenge and is looking to do something better and bigger than you are maybe used to.

Questions for you:
Are you flexible?
Could you see yourself taking a trip to Singapore to work for me?
Can you make a high resolution application?