Mining Newsletter

Mining Newsletter


Job Description


We are looking for someone who can compose a newsletter summarizing mining activity in the precious metals market. Details below:

1. We will provide sites and resources to look into to "collect" information on precious metals mining companies.

2. You will collect 5 precious metals mining companies that have reported valuable update that can impact investors. You will rewrite these activities in a few sentences for each mining company and create a newsletter. The newsletter should not exceed 500 words.

3. This is a weekly task. If the quality of work is good, more work will be given of similar nature.

Candidates should have experience in the finance/investment, precious metals space.

Because the research is limited for this particular task, we'd like someone who can do the job on a weekly basis consistently. In my opinion, it should not take more than 1 hr to do this newsletter.

Let me know if you have questions.

Skills: finance, research

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