Prayer app creation

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I would like to create an app that will have Prayers in a few languages,

when the app is first opened (for the first time) you be able to pick the language you would like. which will be saved as you preference. (you will have the option to change this at anytime by going to a settings menu.

then you will have a page with 3 options
1. SUNRISE/SUNSET: I would like to have the app use GPS to locate their location and be able to show sunrise and sunset times for the users location.
2. COMPASS: I would like the user to click on this and see a compass that will show which direction their facing.
3.PRAYER's:once you click on this you will be able to pick which prayer you would like morning noon and evening, and a few other miscellaneous prayers for the day/month/year, within each prayer you will have a drop down menu that will allow you to jump to different parts of the prayer, you can also click menu at anytime and adjust the font type and size, or you can use your fingers to zoom in like apps do and scroll through the prayers.

For starters I would like the app to work on droid and apple platforms for mobile phones no special programing for tablets needed,

I would like the app to be free for the first month and then $4.99 to continue to use it.

I would like the app to have an upgradable feature where you can download for an addition $9.99 an addon to the app which will give you access to a database of PDF lessons

and will need an admin interface to have the ability to update in the future