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I've already hired several writers, and I'd like them to re-apply here, because they've been only hired for one week. I wouldn't mind to hire more writers for my school although I can't promise that you'll get a topic to work on immediately.
BUT! There is the topic I'm announcing a contest for. Please, see this link:
This young, talented, successful musician has been fighting the fourth stage of Brain Cancer. I'm a musician myself, and my school is mostly a music school... So, what I've been trying to do is to express my SOLIDARITY in all ways possible. What I've done myself is: 1) donated $100 and got my daughter donate $50, 2) sent letters to the Churches, 3) Placed the link you've clicked on on my Facebook page, and got my both daughters place the link on their FB pages, 4) asked all the parents of our students to make donations.
I'd like to ask ALL of you who is reading this post to place the link on your FB pages... so that your friends can THINK of this man (I've never met with him, and all I know is online), PRAY for him, SEND HIM YOUR GOOD ENERGIES... and the money is you have it... I believe that any gesture of kindness supported with the smallest amount of money will make his life easier...
Yes, His Life. It's NOT important how long we live. It's only important HOW we live, right?

NOW I'm announcing the contest, which I want ONLY native speakers of English from English speaking countries to participate in.

This article will be posted on my school's website and on many websites which may accept it.
The thesis is:It's NOT important how long we live. It's only important HOW we live.
All the articles posted ( and not posted yet) on my site are about MUSIC and it's importance. You'll be welcome to use them. Then, you'll do research and find out that the lives of world-known musicians/composers have been extremely short, and they appear in the sky like comets, leaving the tremendous number of their compositions and a number of their grateful students/followers behind them.
You'll read about this musician everywhere you'll find the information about him (just click on the link) , see the pictures added to his website ( see his CUBAN!) PARENTS, WHO CAN'T COME to the US because they have no money!)
Please, also go to this link: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2013/02/homeless-man-returns-diamond-ring-and-wins-big/
The man, who's returned the wedding ring to its owner has won $152,000 ... The donors were sure that being JUST honest is amazing... We need to convince MANY potential donors that being an artist in the pragmatic world is
courageous, and those who do win becoming professional artists or musicians have to be noticed and helped.

The writers ( with Very Good linguistic skills ) will be hired all together, and they'll be able to see the articles written by their colleagues and judge them.
Please, keep in mind, although English is my second language, I studied Composition at a graduate level and have a perfect knowledge about Grammar while my vocabulary is poor.
The reward for 1800-2000- word article I'm offering is $25. I believe that any attempt to help in this almost hopeless situation is an action of Pure Generosity.
I hope that

Good luck!

After writing this article, all Native Speakers of English will continue working on different topics. But, again, I can't promise to give many topics right away. I just want to be in touch with several writers, who will be available when I get new topics. When they work on REGULAR articles, the bid will be from $10 to $15

Skills: facebook, english, research, grammar

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