System Adminitrator / Windows 7 Upgrade Engineer


Job Description


Our company wants to recruit a team of system administrators to upgrade our corporate desktops from Windows XP to Windows 7. If you are good at this or have experience, please feel free to bid. You will get good compensation on your quality work.

Please ensure you have the following experience:

5+ years technical experience in end user support and delivery environments
· Pursuit of excellence in all situations
· Holds people accountable for actions
· Act like an owner when making all decisions
· Open to giving and receiving honest feedback
· Conducts self in an open, transparent manner
· High ethics and integrity
· Show an objective approach to decisions with an ability to logically reconcile multiple points of view
· Ability to perform tasks with meticulous attention to detail
· Ability to articulate the "boiled down" version of a complex issue
· Ability to adapt to rapid changes in priorities and logistical requirements
· Ability to lead work efforts and tasks to completion with a results-oriented mindset
· Ability to recognize manual tasks and strive to improve them through automation
· Operations/support background
· Deep subject-matter expertise in building workplace devices (desktops, laptops), including best practices and tools
· Strong diagnostic and troubleshooting skills for hardware, software and network permissions
· Familiarity with Desktop, Server Hardware and virtualization (VMware)
· Imaging/Provisioning Systems Solutions (LANDesk)
The position requires knowledge of the following tolls and technologies within the Windows 7 environment:
· Automation
· Scripting experience (ideally Powershell and VBScript)
· Knowledge and experience with PXE, MDT, WinPE or other boot environments
· Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2012
· Knowledge of software packaging tools (ideally with LANDesk)
· Knowledge of test planning and execution
· Virtualization experience with VMWare
· Knowledge of Windows Server 2008/2003 Enterprise, Standard and Data Center Edition

In order to proof your capability, below are some questions you have to answer.

1. You are working in a Windows domain environment, and a file share has been created on a file server. The Active Directory admin adds your domain user account to a domain group. The admin then sets the permission on the file share such that the domain group is given deny read and deny write access to the file share. After setting up these group permissions, the admin then changes your user account permissions to the file share such that you have read and write access to the file share. What will happen when you try to access the file share, and why?

2. Explain about a script that you wrote before (any language). Please include:
a. What was the script’s function?
b. What was the most complicated thing you encountered?
c. How did you get around any challenges?

3. What is PXE,MDT, WinPE, LANDesk? What is it used for?

4. When a program/process exits, what is sent back to the OS?

5. What are some differences between a hub and a switch?

6. What are some differences between a 32 bit operating system and 64 bit operating system?

If you are interested, please answer above questions and tell me your availability

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