Sales Representative


Job Description

Searching for a seasoned sales rep for a home-based natural soap company. Must be willing and able to make cold colds, describe product, answer product questions, and field orders.

Americans/Canadians only, please. Work will be based on US work hours. Must have excellent spoken/written English.


1. You will receive basic information about the products. This will include marketing blurbs about the product, and details about ordering, shipping, invoicing, and returns.

2. Using the knowledge in the information you receive, you will cold all down a list of possible vendors, attempting to sale the product.

3. If any vendors choose to order, you will input their order directly though the e-commerce site.

The hours are flexible. I don't require that you work at a certain time every day, but the vendors you will start with will be on the west coast, so calls should ideally be placed between 11am and 4pm pacific time.

You can choose to work on an hourly basis or a commission basis. If you choose hourly, hours will be limited to 20 or less for the first week, and contract renewals will be based on performance.

If you choose commission, you can work as many hours as you want, and I will pay a high commission rate of 10% net sale (wholesale price of case minus shipping). A case of 24 soaps wholesales for an average of $96 (can be lower for multiple case purchases, and also depending on vendor) and shipping is generally $14.95. So you're looking at an average of $9.60 for every standard case that is sold.

You must have your own skype account for calls, but you will be reimbursed for a monthly unlimited call subscription if you are a US/Canada resident.

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