Make a new cover based on an older one

Make a new cover based on an older one


Job Description

Make me an cover illustration for a Fantasy RPG. The illustration is based on an older cover illustration:

The new graphic shouldn't be an exact "remake". The old cover serves only as inspiration.

Basically, it uses a similar composition as the old cover: A brave warrior charges a big red dragon; in the background, we see the dragon's hoard. They are fighting in a deep dungeon.

But on the new picture, both the dragon and the warrior are quite different from their counterparts from the old cover. I'll give you the details of how the new warrior and dragon look when you start the project.

Graphic style must be similar to the old art: Bright, detailed, realistic, yet evocative of classic Fantasy.

Budget is limited to 100$, but a positive (and detailed) feedback is assured. In addition, you'll get to produce the remaining 9 covers in the series.