Solidworks 3D Object Modelling & Rendering

Solidworks 3D Object Modelling & Rendering


Job Description

The job consists of 2 parts:

One is to model a head strap for a sports mask that looks similar to this:

Then attach the newly modelled head strap and a foam part (used around a person's eyes) to the existing modelled 3D sports mask in Solidworks.

The second part is to artistically render all the main parts (mask body, mask cheeks, mask foam and mask head strap) in various colours (provided), each in the same 8 angles (established by us). The output will be TGA format with alpha channel (will provide sizes) and if superimposed, the parts will naturally align. In total there will be around 168 rendered images.

To better understand the final product, we will produce this:

The bidder will be proficient in Solidworks and will work fast.